Monarchy, democracy don’t gel: Gagan Thapa

Itahari, November 23:

A leader of the Nepali Congress-affiliated Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) said today that monarchy and democracy cannot go together.

Addressing a programme organised by the NSU at the Sukuna Multiple Campus in Indrapur, Morang, Gagan Thapa said: “Now, the monarchy cannot stand as a symbol of national unity.”

He termed efforts made in the past to push monarchy and democracy together a blunder.

Students will hit the street against the interim government if it tries to go against the mandate of the Jana Andolan.

Strong political will and courage of Prachanda and determination of Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala made the signing of the comprehensive peace treaty possible, he said.

Confining a limited number of arms to cantonments does not mean peace will prevail, he said: “Every letter of the peace treaty should be honoured. There is no guarantee that arms will not be raised again.”

Though concern was shown over king’s property, leaders who made fortunes were spared, he said.

“Why do we hesitate to question as to how the leaders, who had nothing in the name of property at the time of joining the government, managed to amass huge properties?” he questioned.

The Maoists now need to present themselves as a responsible party to win people’s hearts, he said.

“Their political future will be in danger if they betray the people”, Thapa said. Prior to the programme, campus students had organised Deepawali to mark the signing of the peace treaty.