Monarchy must be ousted: NC leader

Kathmandu, November 23:

NC leader and former finance minister Mahesh Acharya today said the monarchy had to be ousted as it stands on violence, massacre and conspiracy.

He said this while addressing a function organised by the Community Development Organisation today. His comment comes at a time when NC is facing wide criticism for not being clear on the agenda of monarchy.

“Monarchy has lost its significance as it is totally based on violence,” he said, while addressing a seminar on inclusion of backward communities.

He said monarchy must be eradicated to guarantee permanent democracy.

Problems related with social structure, discrimination and restructuring of the state will still prevail even after eradication of monarchy, he said.

Leader of CPN-Maoist Dev Gurung said monarchy should be ousted by the election of constituent assembly because it is “the focal point of feudalism as well as racial, ethnic and caste discrimination”.

He said the recent peace agreement was a document of compromise.

“The path to compromise is always full of ups and downs. It is a business of give and take and we reached the best decision to ensure peace and progress in the country,” he said.

By advocating reservation for backward community, we are promoting only a handful of smart people who, though intellectual, do not represent the community they come from, NC-D leader Pradeep Giri said.