Monsoon to continue for 10 more days

KATHMANDU: The monsoon which generally lasts up to September 23 is likely to remain active for 10 more days.

According to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, monsoon does not show any sign to exit and seems prevalent for a few more days.

Senior meteorologist Shanti Kandel shared that monsoon is likely to prevail for 10 days more given the active monsoon system in the eastern part of the country, responsible for causing light to moderate rain in the eastern and central parts of the country. She explained that the monsoon trough was positioned towards southern direction than its average position causing extension this year.

Also, the prolonged monsoon is attributed to the continuity of moisture-laden winds from the Bay of Bengal. Monsoon had entered the country on June 20 this year, 10 days late than the normal.

Partially cloudy day is predicted for Tuesday while light to moderate rain is likely in the eastern and central part of the country, added another senior meteorologist Indira Kandel.