More men seeking divorce

Chitwan, August 23

There is an increase in the number of men submitting applications at the District Court in Chitwan seeking divorce after the country’s new Criminal Code Act 2017 came into effect six days ago on August 17, 2018.

The Act allows male partners who are discontented with their females to file for divorce as that in place for females. In the past six days, a total of nine males and six females have already registered their application seeking divorce at the District Court.

Keshav Prasad Poudel, information officer at the court, said of 707 divorce cases filed last fiscal, only six have been registered by males through local bodies. Poudel said males were not allowed to register divorce cases directly at the court earlier.

They could register the case at the court upon submitting a recommendation to the local level through it only when they failed to forge reconciliation between partners.

District Court Chitwan Bar Association President Kamal Pathak said the new act was an attempt to give males justice similar to that for females.