More tourists bringing in more revenue in CNP

CHITWAN: With the formation of a stable government and ensuing political stability in the country, the number of tourists visiting Chitwan National Park (CNP) has gone up in recent days.

With the rise in number of tourists, revenue collection has also increased, according to Information Officer of CNP, Nurendra Aryal.

A total of 133,171 tourists visited CNP and buffer zone areas in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year. As many as 88,939 tourists from other countries, 13,408 from SAARC countries, and 30,824 Nepalis visited the national park and buffer zone areas.

During the 10 months' period of the current fiscal, Rs 215 million in revenue was collected against Rs 225.2 million revenue collected in the whole of last fiscal year.

Likewise, last year, a total of 139,978 tourists had visited CNP including 88,019 tourists from other countries, 15,906 from SAARC nations, and 36,053 domestic tourists.

The entrepreneurs have expected strong inflow of tourists in the last two months of the current fiscal resulting in the highest number of tourists compared to last three fiscal years.