MPs trade charges in Parliament

Kathmandu, November 1:

The special session of the parliament today witnessed lawmakers pointing fingers at MPs of other parties for the current political stalemate.

Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Sujata Koirala accused the Maoists of trying to obstruct the constituent assembly election and warned that the Maoists will lose their credibility if they do not correct their attitude.

She said declaration of republic through the parliament is unacceptable to the NC. Saying that it was a mistake to dump the 1990 constitution, Koirala said it was because of the Maoist arrogance that the interim constitution was brought in.

Rebuffing Maoist accusations of being influenced by foreign powers, Koirala suggested the Maoists lawmakers to first ‘correct their leaders’ before blaming other parties. She was referring to Maoist chairman Prachanda’s meeting with Indian ambassador Shiv Shanker Mukherjee yesterday.

Maoist MP Prabhu Shah accused the NC of being influenced by foreign forces. Hit Bahadur Tamang, another Maoist MP, said the Maoist motions in the House were meant to make the constituent assembly elections meaningful.

Homnath Dahal of NC said any decision made by nominated representatives will not be acceptable to national and international communities .

The session will resume tomorrow.