MPs’ team visits Rajbiraj

Rajbiraj, January 3:

A team of Parliamentary Natural Resource Committee that had arrived here to study the uses and problems related to resources here returned today.

In a talk programme held at DDC, the team was informed about erosion by Koshi and Khando river and illegal excavation of sand, pebbles, stones and their smuggling to India, among other issues.

The team also visited the border areas of Kunauli, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and the forest of Phattepur and acquired information.

Former MP Satyanarayan Mandal said the Chandra canal in Saptari district was in bad shape and needed immediate attention from the authority concerned. UML district secretary Manpur Chaudhary said the valuable Sal trees were being smuggled to India.

District president of Janamorcha Nepal Nirmal Baral demanded compensation for the poverty stricken farmers who lost their land in disasters.

Visiting team included MPs Prakash Jwala, Jagadish Prasad Shah, Ananda Pokhrel, Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Bharat Shah, Puran Rana, Devi Khadka, Uma BK and Asarphi Sada.