Mugling road expansion hits snag

Chitwan, January 13

The ongoing road expansion of the Narayangadh-Mugling stretch by halting vehicular movement at night has become ineffective.

Traffic movement along the road section has been halted from 10:00pm to 4:00am since January 2 to accelerate the widening of the road. This has led to vehicles taking hours to cross the stretch at daytime.

Narayangadh-Mugling Road Project engineer Shiv Khanal said the road expansion work could not pick up the pace due to difficulty in managing traffic during night time. “Vehicles that leave Mugling at 10:00pm reach Ramnagar at 1:00am while those departing from Ramnagar at 10:00pm reach Mugling at 1:00am. We have no time to work,” said engineer Khanal.

Khanal said the project had failed to cut the walls as it would be tough managing traffic at night. “Small vehicles while trying to overtake others cause hours of jam,” Khanal added.

Khanal said, “The project has reached a conclusion that it should keep vehicles from plying the road even at daytime to allow time for expansion work,” Khanal said.

District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan, chief Inspector Santosh Pant said the failure of vehicles to cross the stretch at daytime had made it difficult to work during night time. “The work cannot be expedited at night as it takes around six hours for vehicles to get past this road section,” Pant said.