Municipality slaps ban on operation of brick kilns

Kavre, December 3

Kavre’s Namobuddha Municipality has banned on operation of brick kilns in the municipality.

The municipality had earlier halted renewal of brick kilns’ licence to operate. The municipality, in the second week of November, had also appealed to locals to stop leasing out their land to brick kiln operators.

According to Namobuddha Municipality Mayor Tanka Prasad Sharma, the decision to stop the operation of brick kilns is based on the finding of a study jointly carried out by the municipality and Department of Environment. “As the study clearly pointed out that dust particles and smoke from brick kilns were adversely affecting the health of humans and animals and polluting the environment, we had to stop the operation of brick kilns,” said the mayor, who has vowed to shut brick kilns even if it costs him his post.

Some 31 local organisations have filed an application with the municipality seeking a halt to the operation of brick kilns in Bhakunde of Namobuddha Municipality. Of the total 20 brick kilns in operation in the district, Bhakunde alone has eight, of which three are in operation.

Panchkhal Municipality, on the other hand, has asked brick entrepreneurs in the municipality to present documents validating their operation as per the recommended criteria. “We have time and again asked brick kiln operators to submit documents that show their businesses are environment-friendly, but they seem to be ignoring our requests. We have asked them to present their evidence within a month,” said deputy mayor Laxmi Danuwar.

Brick Industry Association District Chair Jitendra Khayamli said discussions were being held to make their businesses environment-friendly.

According to Industrial Operation Act 2002, brick kilns must operate at least 500 metres away from human settlement and forest areas. As per a study, most brick kilns operating in the district contravene the rules.