Musahar families left in the lurch

Rajbiraj, February 5

As many as 12 Dalit Musahar families have been left in a lurch after their houses were pulled down at Belhi Chapena of Rajgadh Rural Municiplaity, Saptari, four days ago.

Though their houses were demolished four days ago, Musahar families are yet to be relocated. Musahar families’ houses were demolished following the January 28 directive of Saptari District Court. The court had issued a diktat in a case filed by a local, Ram Bahadur Mandal, stating that the land occupied by Dalit families belonged to him.

Musahar people said  since their houses were demolished without prior notice they could not even take out food items and grains. More than 100 Dalits are living in makeshift tents in the area. They are having a hard time making ends meet.

Kari Sada complained that their pleas to the local government and the DAO had fallen on deaf ears. “We submitted a memorandum to the CDO, but no help has come so far,” he said, adding, “Government negligence has aggravated our plight.”

Meanwhile, rural municipality Chairman Parmanand Yadav said that efforts were under way to manage shelter for the Musahar families. “We are looking for land to relocate them,” he said, adding that they would find the land in a few days and manage the displaced families.