Mushroom farming lures Mustang folks

MYAGDI: Women in Jomsom, the district headquarters of Mustang, are coming forward to take up mushroom cultivation in a big way.

With the trial of Kanye species of mushroom last year yielding success, farmers have started commercial farming of mushroom from this year. The weather condition is said to be ideal for mushroom farming.

The credit for introducing mushroom farming in the district goes to the District Agricultural Office, Mustang. The agricultural office is doing everything it can to boost cultivation of mushrooms, equipping farmers technically. At present, 17 women are into mushroom farming and all of them have been earning good money.” I earned Rs. 28,000 as profit,” said a farmer, Sita Maurabi. She said demand for mushrooms has greatly increased and shows no sign of slowing. Having achieved success in mushroom cultivation, she has become an inspiration for all others.

Low initial investment and lucrative returns have motivated many farmers to take to mushroom farming. One can get a minimum 40 per cent profit out of mushroom cultivation that makes it a lucrative affair, Sita said. There is no dearth of market for the mushrooms grown here and marketing of mushroom is totally cash-based unlike other crops where most of the dealings are credit-based.

Farmers with small holdings have also started producing mushrooms, as large tracts of land are not needed for mushroom cultivation. Mushrooms grown in the district are delicious and rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals while containing little fat.