National bird on verge of disappearance

ACHHAM: The national bird, Danfe (Lophophorus), is on the verge of disappearance for lack of conservation of Ramaroshan area, the habitat of the Danfe.

Ramaroshan, the major tourism site of the district, is only the habitat of the national bird.

Locals said that Danfe is on verge of disappearance for lack of protection of jungle, source of water in Ramaroshan area.

A local of Ramaroshan, Rabindra Rokaya, said that they could hardly see the national bird in the area nowadays.

Locals complained that no bodies concerned have paid interest for the conservation of wildlife, and birds as well as local resources at Ramaroshan area.

According to the District Forest Office, Achham, and District Soil Conservation Office, Achham, although the issue regarding conservation of Ramaroshan area was raised time and again, no concrete programme and initiatives was taken for the same yet.