NPC making NECD strategy

Kathmandu, January 20

National Planning Commission is working on developing National Early Childhood Development Strategic Plan 2019-2030.

NPC is working on the ECD strategic plan to ensure improved growth and development of children. It aims to produce better schooling outcomes and increased productivity in life to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Early childhood period — the first 1,000 days from conception to age two, in particular — is a time of remarkably complex and rapid growth of the human brain and body.

Speaking at a consultation programme of NCP, member of National Planning Commission Usha Jha said it was very difficult to develop curriculum for children. “It is difficult to know the psychology of small children and teach them at an early age.” Usha added. “We need to be very attentive and careful while developing programmes and curriculum for children. They should be free to play and learn at home and school.”

Technical experts for National Early Childhood Development Strategy-2019-2030 have recommended that NPC develop action plan for curriculum implementation, including provision for minimum standards, strengthen coordination mechanism to represent national, provincial and local levels, form ECD committees at the sub-national and local levels as well as strengthen channels of communication, review and develop contextually relevant qualification criteria (minimum criteria for entry as 10-plus-two but with specialised one-year training or certification), develop and implement communication for development strategy for community engagement, including social mobilisation and focus on male engagement and so on.

Minakchhi Dahal, technical expert and coordinator of National Early Childhood Development Strategy (2019-2030), said the strategic plan would be made public in March.