National Pride project Kathmandu-Nijgadh Fast Track expedited

BARA: The Nepal Army (NA) has speeded up the construction of Kathmandu-Nijgadh Fast Track, one of the National Pride projects.

The NA has been clearing the 1,200 felled trees in the fast track starting from Nijgadh going in the northward direction.

The NA had started to fell the trees through Nagmani, Kachadiya, Lal and Bagh Bhairab community forests since December 14. The 22 metre wide track is being broadened out to 30 metres by clearing down the trees for eight and a half kilometres towards north from the East-west Highway, according to Brigadier General Bharat Bahadur Khadka.

The fast track has gained momentum after the government handed over the project to the NA.

As per the design of the engineers, the NA has been working to clear the trees, labelling and balancing the turning points along the 76.2-metre track that connects Nijgadh with Kathmandu, informed Khadka.

The Development Committee of the Legislature-Parliament had directed the government to take prompt action to move forward national pride projects (NPPs) on October 12.