Sanitation week being celebrated in Rukum

Rukum, June 9

The 18th National Sanitation Week is being celebrated by holding ifferent programmes in Rukum since June 5.

The involvement of schools in Mahat, Kankri, Syalakhudi, Ghetma, among other villages, has made the programmes more effective. Rural participation is higher than participation from district headquarters Mushikot and other main bazaar areas.

Chief of Drinking Water and Sanitation Division, Rukum, Bikesh Badhan Thachhe said some newly elected representatives took training on drinking water and sanitation and various creative programmes on drinking water and its importance were being run across the district. “People are still unaware about sanitation though Rukum district was declared open defecation free zone some two years ago,” he added.

Integrated Society Development Centre is running school sanitation programmes with financial assistance from World Food Programme in 38 schools of the district.

Sanitation officer Jhanak Prasad Joshi of Integrated Society Development Centre said the sanitation week was being celebrated in around 80 schools with different programmes.