NBA slams JC over judges’ selection

Kathmandu, August 14:

The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) today criticised the Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel-headed Judicial Council (JC) for initiating a process for the appointment of judges in the Supreme Court and appellate courts without consulting the lawyers’ body.

In a letter, the NBA urged the JC not to appoint judges without consulting it (NBA). “The act of the Judicial Council to appoint judges without consulting the NBA is objectionable,” the letter signed by NBA’s acting president Hari Prasad Uprety said.

“We have learnt that the Judicial Council has initiated a process for judges’ appointment without consulting us; this letter has been written to urge the JC not to go ahead without consulting us,” Uprety said.

The Interim Constitution has recognised the NBA as a partner of the judiciary and the lawyers have been demanding the NBA’s involvement in the judges’ appointment.