NC announces nationwide protests


The Nepali Congress today announced its second phase of protest programmes against the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

The opposition party will hold protest rallies and mass gatherings in all 330 provincial constituencies on January 9, in all 753 local levels on January 16, and all ward levels on January 21.

The party said in its press release that local chapters of the party could formulate their own protest programmes keeping in mind the local conditions and necessities.

The NC said the dissolution of the HoR was an undemocratic and unconstitutional move. “The whole party is united on that unlike what is being projected by some media outlets,” added the party.

It said the government’s decision to dissolve the HoR was a result of the government’s authoritarian, totalitarian, and arbitrary mindset.

“The government’s decision to dissolve the HoR is a conspiracy to sabotage federal, democratic, and republican constitution and to plunge the country into political instability, anarchy, and failure, the NC said in its press release.

The second phase of protest porgrammes was announced by the NC after its Central Working Committee meeting.

The party also passed a condolence motion on the passing away of NC leader Niranjan Koirala, the elder brother of NC leader Shekhar Koirala.