NC committed to resolving nation’s problems, says Sushil

Kavre, October 13:

Acting president of the Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala has said that his party is committed to resolving all problems facing the nation. Koirala said this at a seminar on “BP’s Vision and People’s Aspiration through the Constituent Assembly”, organised by the BP Visionary Forum Kavre in Banepa today.

Saying that the unification of the two Congress parties has alarmed the communists, he said the world is watching Nepali Congress. “Working relationship will be maintained with other parties to resolve the nation’s problems,” he said.

“The CA election is the demand of the Nepali Congress and not that of the Maoists’. Nepali Congress is determined to hold the CA polls,” Koirala said. “The Maoists conspired to suspend the CA polls, but the Nepali Congress was blamed for this. It is the Maoists’ double standard.”

“Congress has brought the Maoists to the parliament and to the cabinet. What else do

they want?” Vice-president of the NC Prakash Man Singh said the CA poll postponement can

be attributed to the Nepali Congress’ stand and the Maoists’ stubbornness. “The Nepali Congress stood by the treaty, but the Maoists violated the rule, which suspended the CA polls.”