The major opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) has drawn the attention of the government through parliament to stop the unilateral construction of embankment along the Makahali River in Khalanga of Darchula district.

NC's leader Dilendra Prasad Badu, requesting time at the outset of meeting of House of Representatives (HoR) today, shed light on the ongoing construction of the embankment in the area that falls inside the Nepal's territory (Mahakali Municipality-5).

Badu claimed that the Indian side had encroached the border pillar and had been building the embankment despite the protest from the locals.

He said, "The local people and the sister organizations of various political parties have been protesting the construction of the embankment. They have also submitted a memo to the concerned Chief District Officer. But it is surprising to know that the government seems to be ignorant of the issue."

Some 35 hectares of Nepal's land happened to be on India's side after the Mahakali river changed its course following a massive flood in 2070 BS and, according to Badu, the Indian side was constructing embankment in that area was against the agreement between India and Nepal and against the international treaties.

The under-construction embankment poses threat to inundate fertile land of Nepal, said Badu, questioning why nobody was raising a question in the council of ministers and why the government was silent on the issue that concerns Nepal's territory and sovereignty.

Furthermore, he said, "We should immediately stop the embankment construction process in Mahakali River by Indian side to protect our land. The agreements inked between Nepal and India should be implemented. The concerned Chief District Officer is awaiting government's order on this matter."

He demanded that the government responds to the concern raised on this embankment issue in the next meeting of the HoR.