NC expresses discontent over govt’s mode of conduct

KATHMANDU: Following the release of an evaluation report by the government highlighting its achievements in six months past its formation the main opposition Nepali Congress on Sunday has expressed dissent while criticising the government of failing to address seven major issues.

Issuing a statement today, NC said that the government formed by capitalising on values of extreme nationalism has failed to keep up just few months after its formation.

“Hateful comments on opposition, imposing bans and increasing intervention on media by the government are not in line with norms of the democratic culture,” the party said while claiming that the government was weakening federalism.

Likewise, the main opposition also slammed the government for poor governance.

"Insulting university’s vice-chancellor, sparing big-fishes in gold smuggling scam and decentralization of state protected corruption portray governance of the leftist government,” the statement read.

Similarly, NC accused the government of failing to control rising prices and keeping mum while local levels set exorbitant taxes while terming the Prime Minister’s response to the issue as ‘irresponsible’.