NC has no plan to join government, says Badu

Damauli, December 10

Nepali Congress spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu today said that the party had no plan to join the government.

Speaking at a function organised in Damauli today, NC leader Badu also expressed hope that the passage of the Constitution Amendment Bill registered in Parliament by the previous NC-led government would help resolve the ongoing Madhes agitation.

“The crisis facing the country can be solved only through statute amendment,” he argued.

Further, he clarified that the party had no plans to join the government. “Instead of joining the government, we would rather act as a vigilant and strong opposition,” he said, adding, the party, however, will play a constructive role in solving the crisis facing the country.

Also stressing the need to remove misconceptions about the new constitution, Badu urged the agitating Madhesi parties to join the talks table and resolve the crisis.