NC-NC (D) reunion far away: Deuba

Kathmandu, August 11:

Nepali Congress (D) President Sher Bahadur Deuba today said that the possibility of the

unification of the party with the NC was getting more and more remote by the day. He said this while speaking at function in the capital.

“The possibility of the party unifying with the NC is getting remote by the day. The chances are getting so thinner that an announcement ruling out unification could come by the next week,” Deuba said while commenting on the latest series of reports on unification of the two parties.

The “impatient” remarks from Deuba come at a time when the talks aimed at unification have hit the “core issue” of who should get to lead the party after Girija Prasad Koirala.

While Deuba has insisted on “number two” position in the unified party, NC is keen to keep it for Vice President Sushil Koirala who is being presented as “someone who has made all the sacrifices for the party and should enjoy the prime place.”

While the NC leaders have been blaming NC (D) leadership for being driven by personal demand and thus belittling the possibility of unification, NC (D) sources have been slamming the NC second generation leaders for equally ‘subjective” approach. However, task forces have not yet given up hope for unification “since the large number of party workers are in favour of it.”