NC parliamentary party statute soon

Dy leader’s post bone of contention:

Kathmandu, November 6:

Nepali Congress is set to finalise its parliamentary party statute within a week. The NC parliamentary party statute committee, formed under the coordination of party general secretary Bimalendra Nidhi, had submitted the draft to the parliamentary party a few weeks ago, but the latter failed to adopt the statute as 22 members registered their amendment proposals.

More than six months into the Constituent Assembly elections, the major opposition

party has failed to elect its parliamentary party leader due to the lack of the statute.

The Congress general secretary said they would hold a meeting with amendment-

seeking Constituent Assembly members before giving final touches to the document.

The post of deputy parliamentary leader has become a bone of contention for NC Constituent Assembly members.

“While some are in favour of having the post of deputy parliamentary leader, others do not want this post,” said Nidhi. According to him, the NC Constituent Assembly members were also divided over the process of selection of the deputy parliamentary party leader.

Some Constituent Assembly members want deputy parliamentary party leader elected the way the parliamentary party leader is elected, while others say the parliamentary party leader should nominate the deputy leader.

“Yet another group wants the deputy parliamentary leader nominated by parliamentary party leader and ratified by the party,” said Nidhi.

Dashain and Tihar recess, he said, pushed further the finalisation of the statute, as he could not call a meeting of the amendment-seekers. “Everything will be sorted out in a week,” said he.