NC prez brushes aside ‘minor irritants’

BIRATNAGAR: President of Nepali Congress Girija Prasad Koirala said today that "his colleagues in the party" were making a fuss about "minor things".

"If any incident takes place in the country, we can count it as a major issue,'' he said, referring to the current intra-party dispute that arose after many of the party leaders objected to his decision of promoting his daughter Sujata Koirala to the post of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Koirala, however, remained quiet over his recommendation for the elevation of his daughter to the post of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Unveiling statues of late BP Koirala and Nona Koirala on the party premises here in Biratnagar, today, the NC chief urged the party cadres to support him.

'' I'll be able to bring the peace process to its logical conclusion if the party cadres support me,'' he said, reiterating that the minor disputes raised in the party possessed no significance in the present context.

Outlining the need of a political mechanism to end the present political deadlock, the former Prime Minister said, "Nepali Congress is responsible for bringing the Maoists in the mainstream politics and it's our duty to end the present political deadlock as well.''

Koirala also claimed that his party had been playing instrumental role in every significant time of the nation's history.

"The Nepali Congress will take initiatives to end the ongoing imbroglio and the Maoists will assist it," he said, adding that the Nepali Congress was always in favour of the politics of consensus.

Koirala hoped that the Maoists' chairman Prachanda would be positive in resolving the problems amicably through consensus as during the beginning of the peace process.