NC sets up panel to show way out

Damaru Lal Bhandari

Kathmandu, June 6:

The Nepali Congress (NC) today instituted a panel headed by its general secretary Sushil Koirala to recommend the future agenda of the party “in the light of recent developments whereby the party has been left alone in the battle against regression.” The panel was formed after the central leadership could not decide that the demand concerning election to the constituent assembly could be a viable point to fuel the ongoing movement. The panel was formed after concerted demand from NC central leaders including Ram Chandra Paudel, Chakra Prasad Bastola, Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, Mahesh Acharya and Bhim Bahadur Tamang, among others.

The proposal that the party should upgrade the agenda has, however, come from another central leader, Narahari Acharya. “ I was of the view that the decision on constituent assembly must come from the meeting, which concluded today. But that did not happen and hence the panel, which should be reporting within a week,” Narahari Acharya told this daily.

Acharya, who has been consistently propagating the need to go for election to the constituent assembly, said the need for it has pronounced in recent days as with NC and its movement for the restoration of constitutional process had been left at crossroads. “It is evident by now we must have a clear and appreciable agenda to launch a movement,” Acharya said.

Paudel too buttressed Acharya’s view, saying that the the party was not averse to constituent assembly as a matter of rule.

While Shailaja Acharya opposed the idea of demanding the election to constituent assembly, she was vociferous in demanding the expulsion of certain central members who had been appointed by the party president and who were “holding the party to ransom.” In fact, the party has also directed the panel to suggest ways to evolve the party along desired lines in the light of the coterie holding the party to ransom. Although party president Girija Prasad Koirala had assured that he would take the desired steps to curb the functioning of the coterie for which the leadership had co-me under fire, the panel is expected to suggest the best way out.

The panel, which has Ram Chandra Paudel, Chakra Prasad Bastola, Mahesh Acharya and Krishna Prasad Sitaula, has been told to report within a week. meanwhile sources opposed to constituent assembly as a solution to the problem have contested the claim that the party has entertained the idea of a constituent assembly as a viable one.

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