‘NC should rise above factionalism’

Damauli, December 22

Nepali Congress leader Ram Sharan Mahat today said that the party should rise above factionalism and groupism.

Addressing a mass meeting of the party in Damauli, Mahat admitted that factionalism in the party had affected all levels of the party organisation. He attributed factionalism, betrayal, wrong distribution of tickets for the fiasco in the last year’s polls.

Mahat urged the party rank and file not to lose hope due to defeat in the elections. He stressed the need to rectify weakness and mistakes from top to bottom to strengthen the party. He claimed that the Nepali Congress would emerge as the first largest party if it worked unitedly by ending factionalism and intra-party betrayal in the next general election.

Mahat argued that incumbent government did not have a clear vision and it was following NC’s policies and plans. “The communist government has started talking about multi-party democracy and socialism and they are NC’s policies,” Mahat added. He flayed the government for failing to work as per people’s expectations.