NC takes a swipe at Maoists, UML

Kathmandu, September 4:

Nepali Congress (NC) wound up the party’s Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting today, proposing 11 political resolutions and taking a swipe at “Maoists’ war-time psychology and UML’s spineless, unstable position”. The six-page resolution, however, termed Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and Sadbhavana Party as friendly forces.

According to an NC source, the CWC is expected to adopt the resolution

and decisions with minor modifications when the CWC meets again on

Saturday. The proposed resolutions, obtained by this daily, has strongly condemned the Maoists for not departing ‘from the war time mentality.’

The NC has called the Maoists ‘autocratic, totalitarian and unreliable’ and held them responsible for not forming a national government. Interestingly, the resolution is silent about the intra-party democracy, particularly the undemocratic decisions of the party leadership.

The resolution has not fixed any date for Mahasamiti meeting or the general convention of the party despite the fact a number of CWC members were in favour of it.

Party spokesperson Arjun Narsingh KC said the party may set a date for the general convention in another CWC meet.

The proposed resolution blames the Maoists for stopping the war victims from returning to their homes. The NC has also charged the Maoists with extortion from contractors and builders across the country.

It says that the Maoists entered the mainstream of politics due to the NC’s leading role, but now they were all bent on ‘stepping on the back of the NC only to hit on its head.’

Accusing the CPN-UML of flip-flop, the document says the UML is an unstable political force.

With regard to Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, the proposed resolution said, “The NC had been raising the issue of Madhes even before the MJF or Sadbhawana Party did so.

As an experienced party on the issue of Madhes, the NC by collaborating with these parties, would raise the issue of Madhes in more objective and effective manner.”

Saying that the Maoists had not fulfilled their commitment to end YCL’s para-military structure, return seized private and public properties, the proposed resolution calls the Maoists to immediately fulfil their pre-poll commitments.

It also draws the attention of the government not to politicise the civil service, security bodies and other organs of the state.

The document has proposed the party to form constitution drafting committee, state restructure committee, party statute amendment committee, peace process follow-up committee, conflict victim follow up and coordination committee, government

activities follow-up committee, active party member adjustment committee, Constituent Assembly election, complaints and probe committee, human rights follow-up and

coordination committee and central office construction committee.

It has also suggested 16 measures to streamline the party in the changed context.

The NC document has said framing of a new constitution based on multi-party democracy, logical end to peace process, implementation of peace pacts, guarantee of the rule of law, smooth supply of essentials and economic prosperity were the national agendas for all.

The party would always endeavour to achieve those goals whether it is in the government or in the opposition.