President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that it is our eternal duty to realize the people's aspirations guaranteed by the Constitution of Nepal.

In a message on the occasion of Constitution Day and National Day today, President Bhandari said that it was necessary to establish equal access of all citizens to the services and facilities received from the state and to guarantee social security to the citizens.

"The present Constitution has guided the diverse Nepali society to unite by ending all forms of discrimination and oppression created by the feudal, autocratic and unitary state system. Under this Constitution, Nepal's sovereignty is vested in the Nepali people and the people have become the source of state power," reads the message.

Nepal's Constitution aims to build a socialism-oriented economy, envisioning an egalitarian society based on social justice. To achieve this goal, she stressed on the need to develop an independent and self-reliant economy by increasing production through entrepreneurship, modernization of agriculture and import substitution through domestic production, with sustainable use of natural resources such as water, land and forest.

On the occasion, President Bhandari also called on all the people's representative bodies, political parties and all the organs of the state to continue their sincere efforts by dedicating their minds, words and deeds to transform the essence and spirit of the Constitution into practice.