Nembang lavishes praise on women for shaping history

Kathmandu, September 20:

Chairman of the Constituent Assembly Subas Nembang has stressed that women and men should work hand in hand for institutionalising political achievements that have come through popular movements.

Inaugurating the regional conference of the South Asian Women Trade Unionists organised by Nepal Trade Union Federation here today, he said women have made a notable contribution in political history of the country.

Chairman Nembang said women should not harbour the feeling that only women are their supporters and stressed that he would make every effort in the new constitution towards addressing the problems of women labourers.

Coordinator of the conference Binda Pandey said the government itself should make efforts for social security of women labourers. Women labourers from 16 countries are participating in the three-day conference.

The theme of the conference is ‘’We Can Achieve if We are One — Dignified Work and Prosperous South Asia’’ which complements the slogan of ‘’Dignified Work for South Asia and Prosperous South Asia’’ which the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has set for the South Asia Region for 2008. This conference will prepare a report on the ILO’s Labour Global Campaign 2008 to be presented to the Organisation.

The conference will also review

the status and problems of women workers in the South Asia region

and find out ways of resolving

these problems.