Nembang urges parties to shun vested interest

ILAM: Constituent Assembly chairman Subas Chandra Nembang today urged all the political parties to act with a broader perspective, greater magnanimity and flexibility for the promulgation of the new statute within the stipulated time.

Speaking at Municipality Journalism Prize Distribution Programme organised by Ilam Municipality Office in Ilam, Chairman Nembang requested political parties to work in the best interest of the nation and people putting aside their individual and interests.

“Why are the parties, who fought united against autocracy, treading divergent paths?” he questioned.

Emphasizing on the need to iron out the differences among political parties for promulgation of the new statute within the stipulated time, he said, “Differences regarding thematic committees have to be sorted out promptly, the disputes have to be settled through voting procedure if consensus can not be reached.”

Nemwang conferred the Municipality Journalism Prize to journalists Umesh Gurung and Kokila Dhakal for their contribution to tourism and environment through journalism.

On the occasion, chairman Nemwang also opined that India should be seriously concerned for the conservation and protection of the Chure Range as the deforestation in the Chore range would have a detrimental impact on India.