Dahal lauds govt achievements

Chitwan, December 24

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal has hailed the constitution for guaranteeing the basic rights of people.

“It’s a different thing that we’ve so far failed to fully implement fundamental rights such as the right to education, health and education enshrined in the constitution in practice, but you could go to the court if you feel deprived of these rights,” said the leader, addressing the golden jubilee of Laxmi Secondary School in Jagatpur of Bharatpur metropolis today.

Further, commenting on the achievements of the incumbent government, NCP Co-chair Dahal said the government has registered significant gains in terms of foreign relations.

“It’s of course a great accomplishment for the government to improve relations with immediate neighbours with a series of recent agreements and become a land-linked country, rather than the old land-locked country of yesteryears,” he said. “Just yesterday, we had an important agreement with India as per which India has agreed to buy power generated by plants invested not only by Indian companies but also by other developers, which has now opened the door for sale of power produced here to India and Bangladesh without any restriction,” he observed.

“Similarly, while new deals have been cut with India regarding air routes, railway links and waterways, new trade and other agreements have also been signed with China, which all have now turned the country into a land-linked country,” he observed.

Further, the former prime minister also underscored the need to generate employment opportunities at home for the youths who are toiling in foreign land to make their ends meet now.

“In fact, prosperity is the main agenda for any political parties in the country, be it our party or the Nepali Congress, which recently held its Maha Samiti meeting,” he said, also reiterating his commitment to the development of Chitwan.