Biratnagar, July 20:

A joint meeting between Nepali and Indian security officials held in Arariya district of India today decided to reinstall the missing border pillars and control crime.

According to the decision made during the meeting, new pillars would be erected in the place of the missing pillars and broken pillars would be repaired.

The participants in the meeting said that there was a problem in border management due to the missing of the pillars.

The meeting was organised after Seema Surakchha Bal IGNR Doli Barma expressed interest to hold discussion on controlling border crimes and reinstalling the missing pillars, chief

district officer of Morang district Madhav Prasad Regmi said.

An agreement has been reached to increase the number of posts of the Seema Surakchha Bal posts of India and the Armed Police Force of Nepal along the border to control the crime, he added.

We have urged India to help in arresting criminals who are hiding in India after committing crimes in Nepal, the chief district officer added.

According to CDO Regmi, an agreement has also been reached on making joint

effort to control the illegal trade of weapons, drugs, counterfeit notes, human trafficking and other criminal activities.