Prisoners deprived of human rights: NHRC

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has claimed that prisoners across the country have been deprived of minimum human rights.

According to a statement issued by NHRC Spokesperson Mohana Ansari on Friday, facilities and money being provided to them for different purposes by the government are not in consistent with time (an inmate gets Rs 45 daily for food and Rs 300 for festivals and a dependent child Rs 10 daily).

"The direction of the NHRC to increase the supply of rations given to prisoners has not been heeded so far, thus depriving them of their right to food," said the statement.

The NHRC also drew the attention of the government to health condition of prisoners, nutrition, water facility, drainage system and others being provided and the dilapidated condition of most of the prison buildings and their space problem.