Nepal sadbhawana party-anandidevi row:Mandal, Giri at loggerheads

Kathmandu, August 16:

Vice-president of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (A) Khushi Lal Mandal today sought clarification from party leader Sarita Giri for “keeping party president Anandidevi in isolation and tarnishing the image of the party.”

“The party will take disciplinary action against Giri if she does not come up with a clarification within seven days,” Mandal said in a statement.

Another party leader Shyam Sunder Gupta had expelled party chairperson Anandidevi and ‘appointed’ himself as the acting president, saying that Anandidevi had been suffering from mental illness and was unfit for the job.

Giri, on the other hand, said Anandidevi had reshuffled the party and made her the general secretary.

The NSP (A) is now divided in three factions. Mandal has constituted a six-member

committee under the coordination of party leader Amrita Agrahari to hold talks with disgruntled party leaders and forge a common front.

Giri said Mandal was no more the senior vice-president and has no right to seek clarification from her. She said that Anandidevi had been staying with her family.