KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court has decided to consult experts on the demand to legalise euthanasia, also referred as mercy killing sometimes,  in Nepal. Responding to a writ petition, a division bench of Justice Gopal Parajuli and Justice Cholendra Shamser Rana on Thursday decided to summon amici curiae to discuss the issue considering its sensitivity, the Rastriya Samachar Samiti reported. Demanding legalisation of euthanasia or 'right to death with dignity' as the 'right to life' for the patients in coma for long and with incurable and debilitating illnesses, advocate Uttam Prasad Rimal had filed a writ petition two years ago, according to the report. The apex court asked the Nepal Bar Association to nominate three legal experts as amici curiae in the case. The SC itself would pick up three others as advisers.