Nepal urges Indian PM Modi to end blockade

Chitwan, December 6

Senior CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal today urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lift the blockade at the Nepal-India border points.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Chautari in Bharatpur, Nepal argued that India had supplied only 15 per cent goods to Nepal to show that it had not imposed embargo. Refuting the media report that the 12-point agreement between then CPN-Maoist and seven-party alliance was signed in the presence of India’s rulers, Nepal clarified that the landmark 12-point agreement was signed in the presence of India’s communist parties and the Nepali diaspora. “We did not compromise with India’s rulers then,” Nepal added.

Stating that the newly-promulgated constitution was Madhes-friendly, Nepal, who is also a former prime minister, said, “Most of the commissions

formed are in favour of Tarai and Madhes.”

Noting that Province No 2 had incorporated the sentiments of Madhes and Madhesi people, Nepal held that the constitution was inclusive. Since we have promulgated the new constitution after a long deliberation, it comprises the agendas of marginalised communities, including Madhesi, women, and ethnic communities.

Commenting on the protracted Tarai agitation, Nepal argued that protest had hit the people of Madhes the most. “The problem has deepened. Madhesi people are bearing the brunt the most,” Nepal added.

He accused Madhesi parties and their leaders of disseminating confusion that the constitution was against the people of Madhes.

Further, Nepal held that Nepali leaders’ visit to the Indian Embassy seeking support in internal matters had ruined the national image. “It is wrong on the part of party leaders to visit the embassy for support,” Nepal said. He also urged the international community not to encourage leaders and parties in a wrong manner.

In another context, Nepal denounced the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority’s move to interrogate leaders.

“The CIAA has been politically motivated”, added Nepal. He vented ire on the anti-graft body saying that it had called people never involved in corruption and bribery for interrogation. “CIAA has failed to identify the corrupt,”said Nepal.