Nepalgunj Industrial Estate flush with Indian workers

Nepalgunj, December 2

At a time when unemployment has remained a major challenge in the country, the bulk of the workforce employed in different industries within Nepalgunj Industrial Estate are Indian labourers.

As per the data with the Nepalgunj Industrial Estate Management Office, around 1,000 of the 1,500 labourers working in different industries in the estate are Indian nationals. “Most of the workers employed in metal-based and plywood industries are Indians,” said IEMO Chief Krishna Bahadur Pun.

“As we don’t have skilled manpower needed in metal-based and plywood industries at home, most of them working in these industries are Indians,” Pun explained. “Though there is no option for now, we can certainly hope that the Indian workers will gradually be replaced by our own workforce as educational institutions have come to realise the demand of the job market and are now running various technical courses,” he added.

The estate, which is seen as a major industrial hub in western Nepal, is spread over 233 ropani land. Of the total 35 industries set up here, 30 are in operation. While one is closed, four are under construction.

As per IEMO sources, there is no space for additional industries in the estate now. “As the estate has a limited area, there is no way we can expand our area and accommodate more industries,” said Pun.