Nepali Congress leader rejects likelihood of revision on demarcation

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress leader and member of the Parliament, Ramesh Lekhak, said that even a single inch of boundary would not be altered in the current federal structure set in the new Constitution of Nepal.

Lekhak, speaking at an interaction organised by the Reporters Club today in the Capital, said the Constitution Amendment Bill presented by the previous government would resolve many problems surfaced now, but review on the demarcation was not necessary.

He further said the new Constitution was promulgated unanimously with more than 90 percent of people's representatives casting their votes in favour of the historic document.

Lekhak, however, suggested that a referendum could be held to decide where the disputed five districts of Kailai, Kanchanpur, Jhapa, Sunsari and Morang be kept.

He claimed Kailali cannot be divided at any cost just because of Tharu majority.

He questioned: if Tharus of Banke and Bardiya can live with hilly people in social harmony, why cannot the Tharus of Kailali?

The lawmaker warned to stage protests if Kailali and Kanchanpur would be divided.

Speaking at the same function, UCPN-Maoist leader Janardan Sharma said a mechanism should be formed on the basis of political consensus to resolve the issue related to demarcation of federal structures. He warned that demarcation should not be done on any external pressure.

Likewise, CPN-UML leader Keshav Badal urged the government to understand sentiments of the local people while reviewing demarcation of those five disputed districts.

He, however, claimed people of the districts might not favour the revision.

He said demands of the dissatisfied parties would be addressed in the Constitution by passing the Amendment Bill with two-thirds majority in the Parliament.