NC accuses govt of totalitarian tilt

Kathmandu, June 22

The Nepali Congress has accused the government of trying to impose totalitarian rule and stated that it would do everything in its power to defend the hard-earned political gains and democratic values.

A conference of the Nepali Congress’ district chairpersons held in Hetauda issued a 21-point declaration, committing to make its role more effective in all tiers of the government against the government’s ‘totalitarian and anti-people activities’.

The principal opposition party alleged that the government had launched a witch-hunt against its opponents and threatened to launch a nationwide movement against the government if it continued to arrest, torment or indict opponents.

“The communist government’s attempt to suppress the press, its statement against the independence of the judiciary, its attempt to deprive citizens of their right to property, to terrorise government employees, to control professional, social and non-governmental organisations, coupled with impunity, point towards totalitarianism,” the NC stated in its declaration. It added that it would stand in favour of democratic republican order, press freedom, independence of the judiciary, rights of trade unions and democratic values.

The NC stated that the party that raised the slogan of stability during polls was now talking of the presidential system, thereby conspiring to derail the new constitution.

It added that people should be vigilant against the government’s attempt to demolish the fundamental structure of the constitution and derail the hard-earned political gains.

In an oblique reference to the erstwhile UML, it stated that those who termed the NC’s bid to amend the constitution to accommodate the aspirations of Tarai-Madhes people anti-national had reached a conclusion that amendment to the constitution was necessary.

Using constitution amendment as a bargaining chip for power is nothing but a conspiracy against Madhes, the declaration read.

The party added that the decision to withdraw social security schemes and treatment facilities extended by the NC-led government to patients of serious illnesses exposed the government’s insensitive attitude towards social security.

The NC stated that the government treated the local and provincial governments unfairly in the budget and its bid to make provincial and local governments reliant on the central government was evidence that the government was charting an anti-federal course.

It added that individuals’ properties captured during the insurgency should be returned to the rightful owners.

The meeting urged the party leadership to make party organisation more active by promoting intra-party unity, coexistence and collaboration. It also urged the party leadership to implement the party statute in letter and spirit and to form party structures commensurate with the federal structure of the country.

The conference urged the central working committee of the party to fix date and venue for Mahasamiti meeting and to hold district chairpersons’ meeting every two years.