Nepali Congress asks Amresh Singh to clarify

Kathmandu, August 27

The Central Disciplinary Committee of Nepali Congress has sought clarifications from its Constituent Assembly member Amresh Kumar Singh within 24 hours for allegedly delivering a hate-speech in Kailali a few days ago.

According to a party source, the committee issued the clarification letter yesterday, but it could not serve the letter to Singh as he was away from home.

The source said a party worker went to Singh’s residence at 5:00am today to serve the letter to him, but his personal secretary told the worker that he (Singh) was out of the capital and would go to the party office tomorrow to receive the letter himself. The NC workers even went to the premises of Constituent Assembly to serve the letter to him, but he was not present there despite having his name in the Speaker’s list.

Committee member Surendra Pandey said the committee decided to demand clarification from Singh after NC District Committee, Kailali, and Kailali Constituency-1 Area committee demanded disciplinary action against Singh for allegedly delivering a hate-speech. Pandey said these two committees had also submitted the audio tapes as evidence of his alleged hate-speech.

Pandey said the party could pardon Singh if his replies were satisfactory, but if he failed to do that, the party could either warn him or suspend him from the post for three to six months or suspend him from the party for six months or expel him from the party for three years.

Singh told THT that he would come to Kathmandu tomorrow and receive the letter. He said he had not delivered any objectionable speeches in Kailali but only spoke in favour of the empowerment of the weaker sections of society.

“Legendary leaders of the NC late BP Koirala, Ganesh Man Singh and Ram Narayan Mishra had all spoken in favour of the weaker sections of society and in today’s context, Madhesis, Dalits, Janajatis and women are the weaker sections. Speaking in their favour is not against the party’s policy but in line with the party’s policy shaped by its great leaders,” Singh clarified.

A few days ago NC Parliamentary Party had also asked clarification from Singh for allegedly speaking against national unity.