NC's Poudel demands re-poll in Tanahun 2 (A)

TANAHUN: Nepali Congress Provincial Assembly candidate Pradip Poudel has demanded for re-poll after an excess of 42 ballot papers were discovered in Tanahun constituency 2 (A).

A total of 2,370 ballot papers were found in five ballot boxes, whereas only be 2,328 votes  were registered in vote cast list.

Excess votes were found while counting the five boxes brought from Majhilang, Saage Nepaltar, Jana  Jaukumari, Min HS  and Uday HS polling centres in Tanahun 2 (A)

However, despite the excess votes, Minister without portfolio and CPN MC’s candidate Asha Koirala was declared winner with a margin of five votes, said Poudel. He further declared that he will not accept the faulty result and had applied for the re-poll in front of chief returning officer.

CPN MC’s Koirala had received 16,64 votes  while Poudel had garnered 16,641 votes.