Deuba vents ire on Koirala clan

Birgunj, February 20

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has criticised the scions of the Koirala family for viewing the party as their family heirloom.

Addressing a district-level party cadres meeting here today, the NC chief turned on his party leader Shekhar Koirala and reproved him for speaking without restraint.

“Nepali Congress is and has always been the party of the people, so there is no reason why someone can’t see anyone other than a person from the Koirala clan at the helm,” said the NC president, who called Shekhar Koirala a victim of the misconception that no one other than from the Koirala family deserves to be the president of the party.

Further, Deuba questioned the junior Koirala’s contribution to the party.

“Has he any history of serving time in prison for a political purpose or any other contribution? If not, how is he more deserving than others who have a long history of sacrifice and struggle for the party?” he asked.

“In fact, the present generation of the Koirala family in the political sphere are living off the contribution of their late relatives,” Deuba said.

“Where was Shekhar Koirala when we had our heads broken and nearly lost our lives fighting for democracy?” NC President Deuba asked, showing the scar on his lip.