Nepali, Indian media urged to be objective

Kathmandu, April 4

An international seminar on ‘Role of Media in Promoting India-Nepal Relations’ concluded with a four-point declaration here today.

In the two-day seminar organised by Makhanlal Chaturvdei University of India in collaboration with Kathmandu University School of Arts, Media Action Nepal and BP Koirala India Nepal Foundation, Vice Chancellor of MCU Prof BK Kuthiala announced future areas of cooperation between the two universities and media organisations of Nepal and India.

The seminar focused on Nepal-India relations from several perspectives.

Panelists speaking in the seminar said peace, prosperity, and economic development of South Asia depended on sound Nepal-India relations. They urged the media sector from both countries to be objective while reporting on issues related to Nepal-India relations.

Addressing participants and guests in the seminar, Surendra Karki, Minister for Information and Communications, stressed the importance of backing one’s economy with politics.

Prabhu Sah, chairperson of parliamentary International Relations and Labour Committee, said, “Media of both the countries should be free from politics for both countries to flourish together.”

Prof Kuthiala stressed on improvising relations between Nepal and India.

The professor urged mediapersons and academicians to understand eastern knowledge and philosophy rather than copy western ideas.

Founding Vice Chancellor of KU Prof Suresh Raj Sharma said, “Media plays a vital role in projecting an image of eminent personalities.”

He highlighted how media education should focus on producing responsible journalists.

Keynote speaker Tarun Vijay, parliamentarian and senior journalist from India, said peace, prosperity as well as economic development of the hemisphere depended on Nepal-India relations. He urged journalists to be objective while reporting on issues related to Nepal-India relations. He also suggested that MCU and KU establish a news portal to cover authentic stories about Nepal-India relations.

Deepak Sharma, registrar, MCU, said, “Politics of both Nepal and India have changed recently, but societies have not. To respect and maintain the relationship between the two, both need to acknowledge and protect the diversity they possess.”