Nepali man quarantined with 12 Udayapur infected tests positive for coronavirus

KATHMANDU: A man, aged 65, has tested positive for COVID-19, today. The infected person is one among the 16 persons taken to Biratnagar from Udayapur on Friday, after 12 of them tested positive for transmission.

All of them were staying together at the Nuri Mosque in Udayapur district.

“Four other people were living together in the mosque with those that were found to be infected on Friday -- around a dozen of them Indian nationals. The Nepali man who has been confirmed with Covid-19 today is one of the four that were brought along the twelve infected,” said Dr Basudev Pandey, director of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under the Department of Health Services.

“The sample test of the person came out positive for the virus infection at National Public Health Laboratory, Teku, today,” said Dr Pandey.

The group had come to Udayapur from Biratnagar and had also travelled to Sunsari and Saptari.

The total number of coronavirus cases has now reached 31.