Nepali woman killed over dowry in India

BIRATNAGAR: A Nepali woman has reportedly been killed by her in-laws over dowry in India.

Indian Police have identified the deceased as Ranjana Sahani (Bahardar), 22, of Biratnagar Metropolitan City-11 in Morang district.

Sahani was married to an Indian national Bhim Bahardar Sahani of Bhedayari-25, Jogbani of Attariya district in India.

Ranjana was found dead at Paraman river some three kilometres south of Jogbani Bazaar on Sunday. The deceased had bruises on her face and other parts of her body, informed Aftab Ahamad, Chief of Jogbani Police Post in India. The Indian police suspect that Ranjana might have been beaten to death by her in-laws over dowry on Friday night.

The Indian police have arrested the deceased's husband, her father-in-law Saini Bahardar, brother-in-law Arjun Bahardar and neighbour Shivananda Mukhiya in connection with the death.

Meanwhile, search is going on for the deceased's mother-in-law and sister-in-law.