Nepali sent to jail for raping Facebook friend in Australia

KATHMANDU: A Nepali youth residing in Australia since 2006 on Wednesday was convicted of rape on one of his Facebook friends and sent to jail for six years.

News portals from Victoria said Anjan Shrestha (29) was convicted by Judge Geoff Chettle at the County Court yesterday.

He had raped the woman in her 20s in August 2014 at the Berwick nightclub, which was then called Blitz, the court observed.

"... Earlier the woman, aged in her early 20s, had detailed her clubbing plans online to her large number of Facebook friends, including Shrestha, whom she had never met," the Herald Sun reported, "Hours later, Shrestha drove to the nightclub in Berwick, which was then called Blitz, and sat waiting in his car, his headlights off, until the woman left about 2 am."

"He sat for about 30 minutes, watching as she went with friends to buy chips from a kebab shop. After her friends left her, he pounced. Shrestha called out, then pushed her to the ground, where he raped her," the report explained.

"The woman tried to avoid the car, and did not respond when Shrestha called out her name," according to The Age report.

"Despite managing to push him off her, the man grabbed her, forced her to the ground and digitally penetrated her... The woman punched and pushed him off her and ran to her friend's house, where they called the police."

After committing the crime, the Nepali youth had changed information about him on Facebook so as to avoid police suspicion.

He had maintained during the trial that the victim had consented for the relationship. He had even claimed that it was the woman who had approached him in his car first.

"He faces likely deportation after serving his sentence," the Herald Sun informed, adding Shrestha has a partner here, and is expecting his first child.