Targets low-income households and encourage the use of induction cookers, household appliances


The Nepal Electricity Regulatory Commission has announced a new power tariff to be effective from Mangshir.

Domestic consumers with five-ampere meters on a single phase who use one to 20 units per month would only have to pay Rs 30 per month for electricity. Their energy fee has been eliminated entirely. Over 2 million people are projected to profit from this policy.

Similarly, NERC has lowered slab prices to encourage the adoption of induction cooktops and other electrical equipment.

According to the notification, customers who utilize more than 151 units of energy under single-phase have been identified as users of induction cookers and domestic appliances, and their power tariffs have been decreased to promote their usage.

According to NEARC, six slabs have been established to categories the electricity customers according to their electricity usage -- 1-20 units, 21-30 units, 31-50 units, 51-100 units, 101-250 units, and above 251 units.

Customers who consume more than 101 units would pay less under the amended prices, with a drop of Rs 0.50 to one rupee per unit.

Meanwhile, the irrigation customers who have benefited the most have received discounts of up to 80%.

According to the notice, customers utilizing 151-250 units per month from a single-phase line with 5 amperes, 15 amperes, and 30-ampere meters would receive a Rs 25 discount from the previous monthly minimum rate, which has been set at Rs 100, Rs 150, and Rs 200

Similarly, households with 5 ampere, 15 ampere, and 30 ampere and 60 ampere meters on a single-phase line who consume more than 400 units per month would pay Rs 150, Rs 175, Rs 200, and Rs 250, respectively, a Rs 25 drop from previous rates.