NAWALPARASI: The Kawasoti Municipality of Nawalparasi has purchased a new fire engine for Nawalpur area.

The vehicle worth Rs 6,550,000 was bought with an objective to control fire-related incidents in the area, Municipality's Executive Officer Krishna Prasad Panthi informed.

According to Panthi, the fire engine was bought with an investment of Rs 6,000,000 from the Ministry of Local Development and Rs 550,000 from internal source of the Municipality.

The fire brigade reached Kawasoti on Tuesday.

This is the first fire engine in Nawalpur area. The services would facilitate three Municipalities and 12 VDCs of Nawalpur.

Earlier, the Municipality had to depend on neighbouring district Chitwan for the fire engine.

The vehicle would start its services after the appointment of workers, Panthi said. The fire engine requires two drivers and three/four firemen to start its services, he added.