DADELDHURA: Construction of houses for freed Haliya or bonded labourer families in Dadeldhura has reached final stage. The houses are being constructed by the government under the rehabilitation package initiated when the bonded labourers were formally freed six years ago. The houses are expected to be completed within the current fiscal year, said Freed Haliya Rehabilitation Committee member Tularam Sarki. During the year, 28 former Haliya families will get new houses while the houses of 20 other families will be renovated. Likewise, housing plots would be purchased for 15 families. The Committee has allocated Rs. 150,000 to purchase land, Rs. 100,000 for house renovation and Rs. 250,000 to build new houses for the former Haliya families. Of the total 2,576 Haliya families verified in the district, only 1,442 have received identity card, which is divided into red, brown, green and white cards.