New programme for empowerment of Chitwan Chepang women

CHITWAN: A non-government organisation, DEC-Nepal, is implementing a new initiative in six hilly VDCs of Chitwan district for empowerment of Chepang women.

DEC-Nepal Chairperson Sikha Shrestha shared the project would be implemented to raise the voice of suppressed women and engage them in the empowerment process.

"Poverty, health and food security are constraining opportunities of marginalised women to participate in the local development process," she added.

The key objective of the Rs 16 million project is to increase Chepang women's participation in local bodies, she said. It would be rolled out in remote VDCs of Chitwan including Chandibhanjyang, Siddi, Korak, Kaule, Shaktikhor and Lotthar.

Around 30 women lobby forums would be formed to engage them in local planning process, said DEC-Nepal's programme coordinator Janak Karki.